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Whole Brain Thinking

Over a year ago, PwC invested in learning more about Whole Brain Thinking through the use of the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) assessment. This is one of the most fascinating tools I have ever come across. All businesses run on thinking and we all possess our own unique preferences in terms of using our brains. Over 30 years of research back the concepts and examples, and through the use of the HBDI assessment, organizations, teams and individuals are taking their problem solving, strategic planning, delegation, communication and other critical factors and elements of business to completely new heights!

I applied my own assessment results to some of the professional projects I was working on and was much more self aware of how I interacted with others. The power of understanding my team's preferences and thinking through the use of the whole brain model made significant differences in our approach to how we operated. From a personal perspective, I debriefed both my husband's results and our "pair profile" and we clearly had some "aha" moments around how we could improve our communication overall. I would love to share more of what I've learned through this assessment and work with you and your teams to unleash the power of Whole Brain Thinking.

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