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Kenya Haupt is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Energy Leadership Index Master Practioner (ELI-MP), and Herrmann Brain Dominance Institute (HBDI) practitioner “The four-color, four-quadrant graphic, HBDI® and Whole Brain® are registered trademarks of Herrmann Global, LLC.”  She is an Executive Coach, facilitator and founder of Change Your Game Coaching.  She is a true leader, inspirational speaker and motivator for success.


Kenya is known among her peers and clients as strategic, resourceful, energetic and fun. Her true passion is to partner with clients looking to grow their confidence, build their personal success stories and advance their careers.


Kenya knows the challenges of having to refocus and redirect one’s energy in order to overcome stress, lead a more purposeful life and achieve tremendous success.  Kenya works closely with her clients to help them make better choices and decisions that will promote significant and lasting differences in their lives.


Kenya’s ideal clients are corporate and mid-level executives who are looking to overcome the obstacles and hurdles that are holding them back from achieving greatness. Kenya is committed to providing you the support, encouragement, accountability and motivation that you need to be inspired and Change Your Game.


Before founding Change Your Game Coaching, Kenya worked for over 30 years in college recruiting, human resources and corporate responsibility for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), one of the world’s largest professional services firms. While at PwC, Kenya hired over 1,500 campus hires, spoke at over 50 conferences and seminars and coached and mentored countless staff and partners. 


Kenya has also been a member of several non-profit Boards including INROADS Colorado and Foundation for Global Scholars.  Her focus while serving on these boards was to encourage minority and first generation youth to continue their education and achieve success in their careers as well as become global changemakers.


Kenya also loves to travel to foreign countries, explore their cultures and learn from their people.  She is also a top chef, according to her family and friends, and is known to many as a planner of extraordinarily fun gatherings with unique themes.   When she is not snorkeling in a reef somewhere in the world or climbing a mountain, she enjoys relaxing at her home in the Colorado Mountains with her husband, 2 dogs, 3 cats and 9 chickens.

"Kenya has this natural ability to help others become better people. She connects quickly, asks thought provoking questions and is a master at listening. Throughout the coaching process her partnership helped me uncover what I was afraid of and gain insight of what actions I needed to take to move forward. Without Kenya, none of this would have happened! I appreciate her knowledge, professionalism and kindness and highly recommend hiring her. You will not regret it!"  
Sarah - Hospitality Director - Denver 
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